Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Provincetown Harbor

When I got home from my early morning Belle Isle/Winthrop Beach excursion (see previous post), my wife and I decided that we should take advantage of the nice weather and go someplace. In ten minutes we had reservations at the Provincetown Inn, and in a flash we were off, Lily in tow. The traffic was surprisingly easy. We stopped at the Fort Hill overlook on the way(I got the photo below of an extraordinarily cooperative goldfinch).

There is a very long dike near the Inn that crosses over to the beach at the very tip of the cape. Lots of sandpipers, willets, plovers and the like,
(this green heron, e.g.)

but especially terns (common, as far as I could tell). There was a huge colony relatively close to the dike and terns would constantly fly over, fish in mouth, often closely pursued by noisy tern children.

My favorite scene of the afternoon: tern against gull.

I went to bed with big plans for the next day (to be continued).

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