Monday, July 20, 2009

Belle Isle Marsh and Winthrop Beach

An early Sunday morning visit to Belle Isle. A lot of activity, particularly in one pool, where egrets, cormorants, yellowlegs, and black ducks converged.

My favorite scene, though, was this group of baby barn swallows sitting around waiting to be fed.

Shortly after I took these photos the parents came after me. I beat a hasty retreat.

To nearby Winthrop beach, where the least terns came after me.

The air near the nesting area is boiling with terns, children loudly complaining and chasing their parents for food. I tried to keep my distance (and got largely grainy photos as a result). But what fun to watch. I got dive-bombed a few times and withdrew up the beach.

Where I heard a familiar clamor--oystercatchers! Three of them! (a sign of success, I hope, in oystercatcher breeding land)

And this was just the beginning of a very long and enjoyable day (to be continued)

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Peter Oehlkers said...

BTW, Least Tern (#205)