Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Handfeeding Trifecta at Ipswich River

A lovely July morning spent at the Ipswich River MassAudubon sanctuary in Topsfield. Brought a bag of sunflower seeds along, just in case. And, indeed, the birds were hungry. I hit the hand-feeding trifecta: chickadees, titmice,

and nuthatches

Apparently it's not just birds who are getting fed. This mama red squirrel kept following me around.

The two young bucks on the trail looked like they might go for a hand-full of seed (they let me come within ten feet or so).

But the haughty kingbird? No way. Only bugs for him.

Handfeeding observations. The chickadees, by far, have the lightest touch. The titmouse (a young one it seems) was somewhat clumsy. And the nuthatch--ouch. Eight little needles poking my index finger. I can still feel it.

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Peter Oehlkers said...

BTW, I saw the great-horned owl again, same spot as last year. This time a definite ID. (#204)!