Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bluebirds! Season 4. Episode 7. Nine new lives. One fewer old one.

Tree Swallows, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Sixteen out of eighteen boxes have nests. Nine have eggs. And two have chicks: nine beautiful new bluebird nestlings.
Four of the nine chicks
They hatched far sooner than the cowbird; the egg is now hidden beneath the nestlings. Hopefully they will overwhelm the cowbird when it finally emerges.
Box seven. Scene of yet another tragedy.
At the same time, let's have yet another moment of silence for yet another tree swallow that has given its life in defense of its nest. Will there ever be justice?
Murderous House Sparrow
Or will the House Sparrow be allowed to continue its reign of terror unabated?

By the way, Bluebirds!: Special Ridge Hill Unit is somehow still going. Only five of seven boxes still on line. (One lost its lid. One was knocked down.) The good? An actual tree swallow nest (no eggs). The bad? Full house sparrow nest, with 4 eggs. Nest box management happened.

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