Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Goldeneyes

The stretch of the Charles River along Mill Street in Dover comes alive with wintering ducks in January. My traditional New Year slowdrive down the road revealed two large groups of goldeneye (the only visible drake was a common, not Barrows as in years past) and some common mergansers resting on the ice.

I parked in the lot at the base of the Cochrane Dam and walked up the road to see if I could get some photos. Oh the common merganser is a far-sighted wary bird and the common goldeneye is even more sensitive. On my approach they swiftly drifted downstream and out of good photo range.

Leaving me with the less sensitive icy bank mallard/black ducks.
And a tense interaction between mallard and female hooded merganser.

Additional New Year's sights and sounds of the area are youtube'd below.

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