Monday, April 11, 2011

Marblehead Neck's heating up!

Golden-crowned Kinglet, Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, Marblehead, MA
Lots of golden-crowned kinglets at Marblehead Neck this morning. Completely oblivious to me, so I could get super close--macro lens close. I came home thinking I had a camera full of great kinglet images. Alas, the kinglet curse continues (as does the brown creeper curse--I think there's something about the pattern on their back that automatically triggers the "flash needed" setting.) But wonderful to have kinglets and creepers everywhere I looked.

And hermit thrushes. I thought my experience last year around this time was anomalous. It turns out this is just a typical mid-April migration pattern.

Here's a short video of a couple of kinglets. If you listen closely you may hear a hermit thrush whisper singing.

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