Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Depot Owlets

Great Horned Owl Chicks, Behind the Home Depot, Seekonk, MA
Yes, I also have heron photos, but I thought I might attempt a quick post about the owlets in the heron rookery behind Home Depot. They were not hard to find at dusk (they were turned away from the setting sun--and towards me!) two immense lumps in a large nest in the midst of heronland. (They were not nearly as easy to find in the morning).
Even got to see a little wing stretching action.
I thought this was funny though. Take a close look at the cell tower osprey platform (she's in there--I know)
Do you see the robotic great horned owl, placed there to dissuade pigeons and the like? I wonder if this has caused any confusion.

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