Monday, February 17, 2014

Animals out of place

African Lion, Franklin Park Zoo
It is a little bit jarring to see African animals against snowy backgrounds, but that's winter at the Franklin Park Zoo.
Grave's Zebra and White-Bearded Wildebeest, Franklin Park Zoo
The zebras, wildebeests, and ostriches seem not to mind that much. Kangaroos and giraffes, on the other hand, apparently aren't so tolerant of current conditions. 
Linne's two-toed sloth, Franklin Park Zoo
The park's two-toed sloths are still adjusting to their move into the "Critter Corner." 
Duck Pond, Children's Zoo, Franklin Park Zoo
And a shortage of open water has pushed about a dozen different species of ducks (including wood duck, northern shoveler, common eider, spectacled eider, Barrow's goldeneye, hooded merganser, canvasback, and bufflehead) into a tiny space.
Ringed Teal, Bird's World, Franklin Park Zoo
In the confines of Bird's World, Lily and I enjoyed watching a bold ringed teal as she perched on the exhibit signage and flew down into the "human" area in order to investigate a pretzel that someone had dropped on the floor.

Gouldian Finch, Bird's World, Franklin Park Zoo
And the finches in the finch room are out of control, having figured out how to get into the netting placed over the ceiling pipes and vents. The best nesting spots are in the visitor area not the exhibit.

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