Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Encounters at Ridge Hill Reservation

Green Frog, Ridge Hill Reservation, Needham, MA
This morning I traipsed through Ridge Hill, intending to count birds (and I did). Lots of fledglings on display, including eastern phoebe, chipping sparrow, brown-headed cowbirds (victimizing chipping sparrows), even eastern bluebirds. I was particularly delighted to hear veery song from the Chestnut Trail.
Today's chief excitement, however, was provided by quadrupeds--a pair of coyote cubs on the easement near the spot of some recent gas-line maintenance. They didn't seem bothered by me until they caught a whiff of my scent. Then off they ran.

The images above are stills from the video below:

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Josh Fecteau said...

Good stuff Peter, thank you!