Saturday, September 1, 2012

Peters Canyon Regional Park

Upper Peters Canyon Reservoir, Orange County, CA
Peters Canyon Regional Park is arranged around a large reservoir and features carefully cultivated and protected bird habitats. A large grove of willows is the home of the "least" subspecies of Bell's vireo and there is an ongoing effort to return the coastal sage scrubland to its pre-invasive species state. It was here that I saw a pair of California gnatcatchers (they will get an occasional blue-gray as well).

Lots of waterfowl on the reservoir but as usual impossible to get a true fix without a spotting scope. Above is what I believe to be a group of pie-billed grebes. There were also mallards, a bunch of coots, and some small ducks that I was hoping were cinnamon teals, but who knows...
It was hot with very little relief from the Southern California sun. Even the roadrunner was panting.
And I will warn folks who visit for the first time, the Lakeview Trail is deceptively long. Bring plenty of water.
And watch out for Mountain Lions!

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