Sunday, September 2, 2012

Laguna Beach

Bird Rock, Laguna Beach, CA
A break between two Disneyland sessions (I was invited this time) to go down to Laguna Beach and hang with some California relatives. I was happy (of course) to have a built-in trip to the shore. And Laguna Beach did not disappoint. Pelicans and cormorants on aptly named "Bird Rock"
Bird Rock, Laguna Beach, CA
and a nice collection of non-breeding Heermann's gulls on another rock.
Heermann's gulls, Laguna Beach, CA
Plus a willet, a wandering tattler, and an active (and friendly) flock of black turnstones.
Black turnstones, Laguna Beach, CA
Stay in frame, black turnstone! Stay in frame!
But my favorite bird of the day was a super approachable black phoebe. I got three good close-ups so rather than choosing I'll share them all.

Quite a charmer, that one.

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