Friday, August 19, 2011

Nature Photos from Daddy Camp

Juno the friendly Beluga Whale pretends to eat Lily's head, Mystic Aquarium, Mystic, CT
A few father-daughter excursions this past week, each with a nature angle. The Museum of Science butterfly garden, for example, provided some nice butterfly/moth photo opportunities.
Blue Morpho, Museum of Science, Cambridge, MA
Atlas Moth, Museum of Science, Cambridge, MA
Brown Clipper, Museum of Science, Cambridge, MA
Then a somewhat more ambitious trek to Mystic Aquarium, where Lily got to hang with world famous mariachi dancer, Juno. While we were visiting, they tried to recreate the moment, but as you can see, weren't entirely successful.

Lily and I missed the mariachi performance but showed up in time to watch them get b-roll for what I assume is a more extensive production. Or PR piece.

And, except for the budgie that wouldn't leave her seed stick and the cockatiel that pooped on her arm, Lily enjoyed feeding the "exotic" birds at the Aquarium's bird tent. More photo ops.

Finally, a day closer to home. Lily and I stopped by the CRP to check nesting boxes. (Box 7 a mouse popped out). We also checked every milkweed we saw for monarch caterpillars. No monarchs, but we did spot this awesome wooly guy.
Milkweed Tiger Moth caterpillar, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
The grapes on the property are moving into ripeness. Lily and I spotted this bunch just about ready to go.
We also spotted a guy clipping off ripe bunches near the Redwing Bay parking lot. He drove off in his unmarked white van.

A lovely week of summer.

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