Friday, January 14, 2011

Costa Rica

Green-crowned Brilliant, Los Angeles Cloud Forest Reserve, San Ramon, Alajuela, Costa Rica

Just back from a week-long trip to Costa Rica. It was not a 24/7 birding trip (though my wife might disagree), but a once-in-a-lifetime 25th anniversary tour of a country that just happens to have more than 800 bird species.

I took three guided (private--this is important) tours through three different habitats: cloud forest, Carribbean slope, Pacific dry/rain forest and ended up encountering 100-plus new species as well as a bunch of familiar types in their winter homes. Aside for rainy conditions in the mountains, which made photos challenging, it was a perfect trip.

More to come, as I wade through close to 8 gigs of assorted photos and videos...

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