Friday, September 10, 2010

Oh Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler ("Western" variety), Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

Every fall I look forward to seeing you again. And here you are, a little ahead of schedule, out among the goldenrod, tail a-bobbing.

The new camera is working out just fine!

In other CRP bird news: a quick glimpse of a prairie warbler (my first sighting on the property). Also, phoebes galore, some of whom were very cooperative photo subjects.

As was this kingbird, presiding over berryland.

My favorite shot of the day, simply because it was surprising--this photo of a young bluebird (one of a dozen out playing in the fields this morning). See anything else?

I swear, I didn't see the bobolink until after I had selected this photo for uploading.

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Susan W. said...

Beautiful photos. Very delicate colors. I especially love the Bobolink and Bluebird.