Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Marblehead, on a very very hot day

Great egret, Forest River, Marblehead/Salem line

Back to work today. Arrived a little early, so off to Marblehead Neck to see what could be seen (late morning). Nearly melted.

Fall warbler migration is underway. I managed a few redstarts, a black and white, and this obscured view of what is probably a female blue-winged. Apparently there are even greater riches to be found there right now, if one is willing to put in the time (and arrive much earlier!)

Of particular interest, this non-willow (strong eye-ring) empid flycatcher hanging around the main pond.

And coming back towards SSC (or rather SSU), low tide at Forest River. Ridiculous numbers of egrets (at least 20, not all shown).

And the mudflats were studded with plovers and sandpipers.

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