Saturday, August 14, 2010

Needham Night-herons

Echo Bridge, Hemlock Gorge, Needham, MA

Swimming with friends yesterday at Rosemary Pool in Needham--all of a sudden a juvenile black-crowned night-heron flew up and perched on a pool railing. It sat for a couple of minutes and then flew away to parts unknown.

I remembered having seen a group of juveniles down at Hemlock Gorge a few years ago so there I went early this morning, hungry for night-heron. An immediate success--right across the river from the banks near the parking lot.

Low light, so I tried to get closer but ended up scaring it off. I was unable to find it again.

The river is exceedingly low right now, the usual roaring waterfalls reduced to a trickle.

Of other interest, a downy woodpecker on the side of the old mill building.

And belted kingfishers. I saw them at Rosemary Pool yesterday as well. Early mornings when the pool is closed they can be seen perched on the pool railings.

Also seen at Hemlock Gorge (unpictured): a wood duck couple.

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