Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More July CRP

Great Blue Heron, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

I went out this morning to help clean up the CRP; filled up a whole bag with trash, mostly expended fireworks.

I was expecting to focus on macro bug shots again. Instead I got mega-fauna. The heron above was right across from the boat launch.

As soon as I entered the meadow, a red-tailed hawk took off screeching from the shag-bark hickory at the top of the hill. I looked again and there was another hawk in the top branches. Has our resident hawk finally found a partner? (Or a rival?)

And out on the meadow a mother white-tail was grazing with her fawn. They took off when they saw me; I don't know where they ended up hiding.

And I heard a veery. The first time at the CRP.

Of course there were insects to take photos of as well. Here is one (no ID yet) on an emerging goldenrod.

And here's a tiny pearl crescent, licking a rock.

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