Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Meadows Day

Great Meadows NWR, Concord, MA

First, Great Meadows, Sudbury, where I walked the Red Maple Trail very slowly. A scarlet tanager couple was chip-burring constantly in the grove right off the parking lot. Low quality photos not worth sharing. But I did get a cool dragonfly perspective shot.

On the way to Concord, I stopped to take a look at the Sudbury River.

Goldfinch males tirelessly pursuing female, and then they all stopped to take a bath on the riverbank.

By the time I got to Concord, the skies looked like they might burst open. Winds began to gust. And then the sun came out. No rain.

The place is currently stuffed with great blue herons. Here is a long distance look at a group of four (you may have to click to see them)

Insect of the day: a Monarch? No I do believe its the faux version, a Viceroy.

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