Friday, July 2, 2010

July Bugs

Black Swallowtail, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA

A sunny afternoon at the CRP, milkweed coming into bloom, it's time to set the camera to macro and start looking for small things. A nice crop of butterflies, mostly common, but still lovely to look at, and other things.

Start with the tiny eastern-tailed blue (the tail on this one is not that defined but is certainly visible).

A lovely wood nymph

And the ultra-territorial silver-spotted skipper; a few pleasurable moments were spent watching these guys chase each other around.

On to the milkweed, where we can see...

The small milkweed bug (yes, that's its real name)

and our old friend, the red milkweed beetle, taking the opportunity to party

The next two I can't ID but I thought they were interesting

This tiny bee, helping to pollinate the wild flowers

And this long fly [UPDATE: Horntail Wood Wasp] (I saw several of them in the same pose) resting on the long grass

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