Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Return to Kennebunk Plains

Kennebunk Plains, Kennebunk, ME

An overnight in Ogunquit allowed an early morning visit to one of my favorite places, Kennebunk Plains. The 6 a.m. soundscape was amazing. Low light, though, made for documentary quality photos.

Here's a vesper sparrow (lots of them--easy to ID through their white tail-feathers)

And here's an upland plover in a pine tree.

Unlike last year, when I explored the center of the plains, this year I traveled along the wooded edges. My reward? Hermit thrushes and upland plovers (and irritatingly loud towhees) in the same chorus. [Probably the clearest hermit thrush recording I've managed up to this point]. Add prairie warblers, field sparrows, meadowlarks, savannah sparrows, and bobolinks(!) and it's ear heaven.

I wasn't so surprised to hear (and see) a chestnut-sided warbler.

But I was kind of shocked to see a palm warbler. Visiting from a nearby boreal bog(?) perhaps....

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