Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crane WMA

Crane WMA, North Falmouth, MA

Enticed by the prospect of seeing a blue grosbeak, I drove down to Crane WMA (off 151 in Falmouth, entrance between the Regal Nickelodeon and a softball field). This, I've decided, is my favorite kind of place [minus the noisy model aircraft], the closest Massachusetts match I've found to Maine's Kennebunk Plains (no upland plover, though).

Field sparrows and common yellowthroat are abundant

as are grasshopper sparrows

and, of course, savannah sparrows.

This one was following me around. I couldn't quite figure out why, though I had a similar experience last year at Kennebunk.

Today there was an oriole explosion, orchard and Baltimore. Here's four at once.

And more to come. This mother has a nice size moth to feed her noisy nestlings.

Here's another Baltimore: a Checkerspot butterfly (lots of them out on the field today).

And like Kennebunk (and Hancock Hill, for that matter) the mysterious sounds of prairie warblers fill the air. This time I spent a little time and got some decent shots.

A couple of hours and it was time to go. Where might that blue grosbeak be? I examined every tree in the field on the way back.

There! A glimpse, a distant photo, and it was gone.

Good birding.

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