Friday, June 4, 2010

Oh Indigo Bunting

Indigo Bunting, Drumlin Farm, Lincoln, MA

No indigo bunting again this year at the Charles River Peninsula. In order to get my annual bunting fix, I went out to Drumlin Farm (last year I went all the way to West Gloucester). Two males were singing at the bottom of the drumlin on either side of the tree line. A little chasing but mostly counter-singing. Mostly high in trees and out of good camera range as seen by the photos below.


But it was OK, I was really there to absorb the singing--and there was a lot, though only rarely an extended bubbly solo. I knew the general song pattern from recordings, so I was pretty certain when I heard the first burst, though I had momentary doubts (a goldfinch? a yellow warbler?). A quick glimpse through the binoculars confirmed my ID. Here's a sample.

Eventually one came down closer to eye level

In fact, it went below eye-level--feeding in the long grass.

My favorite sight of the day (if not the clearest photo)--a meeting of the blues. (The bluebirds are raising at least one child in the same area).

Thanks, Indigo Bunting.

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Susan W. said...

Gorgeous color! Excellent shooting!