Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seabird and Whale Tales

A delightful eight hour excursion with a host of devoted birders and whale experts/enthusiasts, courtesy the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance. We needed the whole eight hours given the fog that surrounded the boat for the first four and a half.

Ocean sunfish provided a nice diversion from our fogged-in desperation.

The constant presence of shearwaters also brightened the mood a little. Here's a little sampler group: sooty, greater, and I think manx.

And here's an uncommon shot of a shearwater actually catching a fish.

When the sun finally broke through, the birding and whale watching were spectacular. We ended up east of Cape Cod, looking back at the outer Cape. A huge flock of terns (largely roseates) and others, including gannets (below) and jaegers (not photoed).

The humpbacks were also livelier in the sun. Flipper-flapping, tail-slapping, and finally, huge chest breaches from this (relatively small) guy.

Look at the splash.

A great way to end the day. See ya!

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