Sunday, May 3, 2015

Unexpected Nests

Bamboo Nest box
A present from my mom, a lovely bamboo nest box. I put it up a couple of weeks ago with low expectations. Maybe a wren would make a nest there instead of our planter...
Moss and fur
A couple of days ago Lily comes in the house, excited. There's moss in the bird house! She knows what that means: chickadees. More moss the next day. And then fur on top. (I limited her to one peek a day, which is still probably too much for chickadee nerves...)
A pile of fur
We get to chatting about where the fur comes from. Visions of chickadees landing on rabbits to pluck their fur comes to mind. I tell her about birds that will land on people's heads to pull out hair. At any rate, the mystery was short lived. We were doing yard work--bagging up leaves--and uncovered a big pile of fur, right in our front yard. I lifted it up and found....
Baby rabbits
When I found them last night it was dark and I thought it was an old nest and that they were dead. When I went to show Lily the "dead rabbits" this morning, she was overjoyed to find they were actually very much alive. The girls have set up "abandonment detectors" to check if our disturbance was enough to drive away the mother.

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