Sunday, May 3, 2015

International Dawn Chorus Day

Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Joining the dawn chorus for the first time this year: warbling vireos. As I get older I appreciate their meandering phrases more and more. I think age is also smoothing the edges of their raspy voices.
A male orchard has been skulking around CRP for the past week but not vocalizing much. This morning a reason to sing: competition! The visual that should accompany the recording below is two dark birds in the canopy flying from branch to branch, chasing and singing.
It is/was "International Dawn Chorus Day" today, and though mostly a British affair (and even more specifically a Birmingham affair), I thought I would join the celebration. So many voices joined the chorus today, including that bringer-of-chaos, the gray catbird. Tastes of rose-breasted grosbeak song among the yellow warblers (everywhere!) and red-winged blackbirds, northern cardinals, song sparrows, etc. The focal point, which I hope you'll hear in the recording below is a northern waterthrush, rolling out its choruses from deep in the brush.

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