Monday, January 5, 2015

A windy day at the Swamp Trail

Ridge Hill Reservation, Needham, MA
There is was a wind advisory today, so I did what most people would. I headed down to Ridge Hill to record the wind in the trees.
Coyote tracks on Chestnut Trail
I followed coyote tracks down to the Swamp Trail.
DR-40 on mossy rock
Arriving at the impassable part of the trail I hit record and placed my Tascam on a rock. Then I took a picture of it on the rock. Then I walked a short distance away. This is what the wind on a wind advisory day sounds like passing through the trees near the Swamp Trail muffled by a windscreen. Plus the sounds of me placing the Tascam on a rock, taking a picture of it, and walking a short distance away.
I stood and listened.

Looking at this. Then I walked over to the recorder, picked it up and pressed stop. You'll hear that too.

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