Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello, Beaver

Millennium Park, West Roxbury, MA
It's sparrow season, so Millennium Park is a must these days. I didn't catch a glimpse of white-crowned, but song, savannah, chipping, white-throated, swamp, and even field (!) sparrows were there. Some bobolinks in the mix as well. On the mudflats were killdeer.
Charles River, looking across at Cutler Park
You get a real October-style dawn chorus too, with robins, song sparrows, and others singing and squawking. And lots of traffic noise roaring in the distance.

And, best of all, active beavers. If you are careful you can see them in the stream bordering the lower path. If they see you (or a dog or a jogger or a jogger with a dog) they may continue their swim underwater (which seems quite disturbing to ducks).
Beaver, Millennium Park, West Roxbury, MA
Beavers are truly large animals. When they stop swimming, as the case of the individual in the photo, there is a hippo-like quality to them. Below is the video version.

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