Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mid-August Blues

Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Been a while since I've walked the loop around the Charles River Peninsula.
Vandalism to Box 7, which had been replaced just this year
Long enough to have missed two nesting boxes busted by vandals. And to discover that the two late nesting attempts both failed: the tree swallow eggs in box 2 never hatched; the bluebird chicks disappeared from box 16 before they had a chance to fledge. Despite the myriad tree swallows fledged this year, this one goes in the "L" column...

But just as I was feeling down, a hummingbird zoomed out of the canopy over head and I snatched a bit of oriole song. I spent a while tracking down a blue-gray gnatcatcher in the leaf cover and listening to the loud "zzz"s of fussy waxwing children.

A lunch-time excursion to earlier in the week to Milton revealed this young great blue heron resting on a Neponset Riverwalk dock.  
Young great blue heron, Neponset Riverwalk, Milton, MA
Surprised by the wind
And peeps! My first good mudflat view this year.
Sandpipers and Plovers
I think things will be all right.

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Chris Rich said...

Rough about the box wreckage.

I've been going nuts with the favorable weather. I now have the Shattuck Reservation covered for trail video in addition to Rocky Narrows.

Both have great launch and dock spots should you choose to head upstream on the kayak.

I also scouted the Mine Brook area in NW Walpole. The Bay Circuit runs through another stunning esker system there.

It isn't a formal conservation area but rather a part of Walpole's water system.

There is an eagle or two.

On an unrelated matter, I declare google + to be a vastly superior system to the mawkish nepotism bias of facebook as I have a host of newly minted stranger friends all over the planet's wrinkled rind who are curious about the area.