Saturday, August 3, 2013

Circling the Charles River Peninsula

Canoe launch, Redwing Bay, Needham, MA
Now I have a kayak. A birthday present from my gracious family. Took it out for the first time this morning. Oh what joy.
Charles River. Dover on the left. Needham on the right. Mute swan ahead.
I can now see all the places hidden from view when I walk the CRP loop.
Old wooden trestle, Charles River.
With unobstructed views of Charles River landmarks, including the old train trestle (no teenagers jumping off of it...yet...).

Central Ave/Centre St Bridge, Charles River
And picturesque bridges.
Flowering Mallow
Right now mallow (and purple loosestrife) dominate the edges, and flycatchers (including cedar waxwings right now) dominate the air above.

A new perspective on things. Thanks, again, dear family.

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Rebecca said...

What a terrific gift. Happy birthday!