Friday, February 11, 2011

Mill Street continues to deliver

Common Goldeneye, Charles River, from Mill St., Dover, MA.

There is bridge construction on South/Willow Street, making my daily passes along Mill Street a bit more of a detour, but the traffic is lighter allowing for more extended photo opportunities. Today, a plentitude of common goldeneye--more drakes than I've seen recently (still no Barrows).

Common Mergansers as well, not flying away quite as quickly as usual.

And hooded mergansers (my first drake photo of the season, I do believe).

Photo of the day: mallards and mergansers living in peace and harmony.

Most unusual Mill Street sighting this past week: a pair of wood ducks.


Susan W. said...

They're beautiful! All of them! Dont you love winter ducks?

Peter Oehlkers said...

I actually look forward to this weather, this time of year, for this scene.