Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas Bird Count 2010

Black-capped chickadee, Cutler Park, Needham, MA

Someday I'll join a Christmas Bird Count team, but for now I'm doing it old-school. Took a walk along the train tracks at Cutler and counted the birds I saw (plus some turkeys crossing the road on the way there). Here's the list, formatted Bird Lore style.
Needham, Mass.--Dec. 19; 7:00 to 9:00 A.M. Sunny; ground bare; temp., 19°. Canada Goose, 177; Wild Turkey, 16; Mallard, 9; Hooded Merganser, 6; Red-tailed Hawk, 1; Herring Gull, 1; Rock Pigeon, 4; Mourning Dove, 3; Downy Woodpecker, 2; Hairy Woodpecker, 1; Northern Flicker, 1; Blue Jay, 18; American Crow, 2; Black-capped Chickadee, 8; Tufted Titmouse, 8; White-breasted Nuthatch, 3; Golden-crowned Kinglet, 1; Eastern Bluebird, 3; American Robin, 7; American Tree Sparrow, 30; Song Sparrow, 6; White-throated Sparrow, 6; Northern Cardinal, 5; Red-winged Blackbird, 12; American Goldfinch, 30. Total, 25 species, 377 individuals.
Quite a bit more successful than last year's count!

Bonus Cutler chickadee photos below.


Cherrie said...

Love this 3rd image!

Peter Oehlkers said...

Thanks. I will admit waiting for this shot to happen...