Friday, December 31, 2010

Another trip to the National Aviary in Pittsburgh

Inca terns, National Aviary, Pittsburgh, PA

Another trip to Pittsburgh, another visit to the delightful National Aviary. Quite crowded this time, with visitors pretty evenly divided between parents pushing strollers and men with high-powered cameras. I represented neither, armed with an iPhone only. I was still able to snap some reasonable images...

Wattled Curassow, self-appointed ruler of the Wetlands area

Unlike my last visit, I spent most of my time in the "Wetlands." It was a good chance to try to spot some common Costa Rican birds--blue-gray tanagers, oropendolas, trogons, and the like. The trogon can be seen below. (I'm going to Costa Rica later this week).

There have been significant renovations to the Aviary since last year. There is a new auditorium, where they stage a rather elaborate "Wings" show (macaws, vultures!, owls, bald eagles etc plus pro-environmental appeals). And a small "grasslands" room for little finches and quails (plus an incredible long-tailed paradise whydah).

Outside, the Andean Condors show off their amazing wingspans.

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