Saturday, October 10, 2009

More Charles River Peninsula birdiness

Eastern Phoebe

An early morning return to the CRP. An addition to yesterday's list: Ruby-crowned Kinglet! (I'm going back this week to see if I can catch some delicious kinglet singing and get a photo in better light conditions).[UPDATE: Caught the song, sung while flittering around. Not quite as musical as usual but definitely striking.]

And a "tut-tut-ing" common yellowthroat, which I assume was around, just not seen yesterday.

Now some additional documentation:
Savannah sparrow (a whole bunch of them this morning)

House finches (singing)

A group of swamp sparrows all in one place.

Here's a detail (with the sun out).

And finally, the best palm warbler shot this fall. Two at once.

Detail below.

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