Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turkeys and Tanagers

A small band of turkeys strolls through my yard every day. I enjoy the way they snip off the heads of the long unmowed grass stalks as they pass. But sometimes they feel a little anxious and do interesting things, such as strolling along the top of my neighbor's fence.

In other wild turkey news, the sad story of Freddy, Easton resident, who was killed by police this week for being a nuisance.

Here's Freddy during happier times.

Here's one of the behaviors that got Freddy in trouble.

And here is the memorial.

As for tanagers, I was at Broadmoor early this morning, on the old orchard trail.[Use this as the soundtrack]. I heard a loud chipping. Hmmm, I thought. That sounds signficant. Let's see what this is. So I waited, and even before I could get a good look--"Chip Burr." Aha! A female scarlet tanager, it turned out. She was joined by a male (he was pestering her--I'm assuming juvie) for a short time, so I got to see a bit of actual scarlet. But she's awfully charming, no?

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