Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sandy Neck

I took the morning to walk part of Sandy Neck in Barnstable. I walked the beach up to trail 1 and then walked the marsh until trail 2 and then back down the beach. It was brutally hot.

On special display today, sanderlings

and least sandpipers.

In fact a predictable pattern emerged: look for the gulls,

see the sanderlings nearby,

and watch out that you don't step on the least sandpipers hidden up the beach among the seaweed.

The marsh trail was lovely but rather barren of activity (except for our lone walker risking heat stroke, and swallows swarming overhead) until I reached a little oasis of woods and all of a sudden kingbirds, phoebes,house finches, towhees, and yellowthroats appeared. I liked the way the kingbirds and house finches arranged themselves on this tree.

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