Friday, April 22, 2016

Bluebirds! Season 6. Episode 3. What!

Eastern Bluebird, Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
It is the wonderfully jumbled nesting period right now.
Box 1
What's going on in this box, for example? Moss, sticks, grass. Tree swallows in and on the box. Appears the chickadees got there first but then got booted. Luckily no additional murders. Yet.
Bluebird eggs, Box 2.
On the other hand, the unmistakable eggs of a bluebird. Three so far. More to come?
Box 11
And then in impossibly tilted Box 11...
Eastern Bluebird eggs, Box 11
Three more bluebird eggs! We have (at least) two breeding pairs this spring. The tree swallows and house sparrows are also active right now but so far no eggs.

In other news: swarming june bugs this morning. I may be wrong, but it appeared that both bluejays and cardinals were FLYCATCHING them. That's fun to see. Also, palm warblers. 

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