Monday, June 16, 2014

Bluebirds Season 4. Episode 10. Endings and New Beginnings.

Next year's Father's Day card
Four of the tree swallow nests have already fledged. I expect most of the others will fledge during the coming week. Thus ends the intensive nesting season at Charles River Peninsula. With an eventual quadrupling of the number of swallows floating over the property.
New Eastern Bluebird nest (5 eggs, 1 visible here)
But bluebirds brood twice around here so nesting itself will stretch into late July, even August. There are two new nests already. The box 4 nesters are back in the same location, with one egg so far. The box 13 nesters have moved on to a new (IMO horrible) location in the confines of the great leaning box 11. Even the tree swallows rejected that one. But it is too late. There are already 5 eggs.
Two bluebird fledglings and their dad
Meanwhile, the bluebird dads are busy keeping the young ones safe and happy. A week after leaving the nest, all four box 4 fledglings are still alive (two seen above).

As for Ridge Hill: 2 tree swallow nests with eggs. I seem to have dissuaded the house sparrows from nesting on the property.

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