Thursday, January 10, 2013

"Pine Grosbeak" should be the name of a color

Pine Grosbeak, Wilmington, MA
Irruption 2012/2013 keeps giving. Today on the way home I took a short detour to see the well-publicized flock of pine grosbeaks at an office park in Wilmington. As with the white-winged crossbills, the real revelation was how fantastically beautiful they were. Parrot-like really, especially when twisting all about to get at crab apples.

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Chris Rich said...

An office park in Wilmington. Now THAT is dedication.

The Ballardvale area of Andover just north has a great cluster of conservation properties I described a while back.

Re: Del Fuegos, yes Zanes... it makes sense in a way

Check my friend Kyoko

She was a broadcast newsie for Japanese TV and is a singer in NY. This tune comes from a job she had translating Garfield to Japanese and it seems as if she found a way to fold elements of the Kitaro myth into it.