Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Charles River Peninsula Early December

Willow St Bridge from Charles River Peninsula
I am pleased to report that the bridge connecting South Street in Needham with Willow Street in Dover has been opened on schedule. This will make winter drives down Mill Street in search of ducks easier to integrate with visits to the Charles River Peninsula. No telling when they will move the construction trailer from the Cochrane Dam area.
Charles River Peninsula
Another gorgeously sunny day in the 50s. (I keep forgetting that exposure to direct sunlight is actually contraindicated for my anti-Lyme medication. I didn't predict this would be a problem in December...)
The fields at the Charles River Peninsula are now in their mown condition.
I couldn't help remembering that there was something important missing. At the top of this hill.
The shag-bark hickory. Now a stump. As I stood on the stump I watched a flock of bluebirds fly across the field, turning momentarily in the direction of the old tree, and then continuing on. 

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