Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ridge Hill Reservation after Sandy

Garage near the picnic area, Ridge Hill Reservation. A nice new hole in the roof.
I walked "my" (trail steward) trails at Ridge Hill Reservation on Saturday to see what sort of damage Sandy caused. Initially I thought we had gotten off pretty well. Then I tried the Chestnut and North Trails. Three enormous trees had fallen completely blocking passage (OK I climbed my way through...)

Here are a couple from the North Trail.

Obviously removing these is not a high priority for the town right now. So for the near future you might want to steer clear of this area. [UPDATE: The trees have not been entirely cleared but chainsaws have cleared path-ways through these obstacles.]

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Chris Rich said...

The lower photo mess looks like something a decent sharp buck saw could handle in an hour but the upper looks pretty dicey.

I'm working my way through all the protected open space parcels along the entire bay circuit system.

I'm just wrapping up the long southern arc from Kingston to Easton and have uploaded trail clips for most of the places.

It always surprises me when towns are coy about these assets as they add so much to the town's desirability.

Mapping is rare in cranberry town segments and all is mysterious.

The north shore is another matter and I highly recommend the Andover Trails Committee as a robust and exemplary benchmark of open space volunteering.