Friday, October 12, 2012

Window strike Downy Woodpecker is OK

Downy Woodpecker on the roof of my Mazda
This one was scary. I was in my office and I heard a loud clang on the window. Oh no, another bird strike (on a different window than last time). I rushed downstairs and opened the basement door. A downy woodpecker lay on its side in the wet leaves, feet curled up. I was sure it was dead....No, it was still breathing.

I lifted it onto my hand to keep it warm and dry and it resisted a little, beak wide open. OK, good, it still had some energy. And in a little while it had flown a short distance onto the roof of my car. And there it stayed.
It was frankly acting a little strange, turning its head to the side. Was it falling asleep?
And then just like that it snapped out of it. Back on alert, it fluttered up to the branch of a nearby oak tree. Where it was promptly chased by another downy (probably the cause of the window strike to begin with).

I've got to do something about these windows. Here's a resource.

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