Sunday, July 1, 2012

Youngsters at the Charles River Peninsula

Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Ah summer.
Tree swallows
All the tree swallows have fledged, the last three boxes on the same morning [UPDATE: report too hasty. Still two boxes to go]. What a delight to watch swallows discovering their wings. Flapping and gliding, flapping and gliding. Their parents discouraged me from watching too long. [UPDATE: I seem to have been mistaken about the identity of the fledglings. These guys are from a different box and are just causing trouble. When I checked on Tuesday, this box and box 5 still had nestlings]
Young orchard oriole
Meanwhile, there are oriole children everywhere.
Young male orchard oriole
Here's one of the children of the Baltimore oriole, Oriole G. (See 2012 Oriole Project Page)
Young Baltimore oriole
And it would appear there will be yet more orchard orioles to bless the CRP with their sunny faces.
If you look very closely there is a nest. Both parents were delivering food this morning.

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