Friday, March 2, 2012

Charles River Peninsula winter landscape, with mink

Charles River Peninsula, Needham, MA
Finally, a winter snowscape at the CRP two days into March.
And as I was gazing at the water, I saw a dark figure galloping over the ice. An otter?
No, a mink. The first time I've managed to take a photo (and movie) of it (though I've seen it many times before).


Matt said...

Hi Peter, I just found your blog and have been enjoying it. I've been blogging about the birds and wildlife just a little further downstream.

But I wanted to ask if the Charles River Peninsula is open to the public. And if so do you have any advise on parking and birding? As I would like to visit sometime.

Peter Oehlkers said...

Thanks, Matt.

The Charles River Peninsula is owned by The Trustees of Reservations and is fully open to the public, dawn to dusk. Parking is off of Fisher St in Needham (the signage also calls it Redwing Bay). There is a trail along the perimeter of the property--the most interesting bird activity has usually been where the trail gets closest to the tip of the peninsula.

Just saw your post about woodcocks at Nahanton. There are definitely some down at the CRP but I've yet to see them display... Perhaps I'll need to take a trip up some evening!