Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The other side of Ridge Hill Reservation

Ridge Hill Reservation, trail "across the street"
Across Charles River Street from the main Ridge Hill property is a smaller section that (at least in theory) goes all the way to the banks of the Charles River. There is a straight route through but if you stay to your left on the way in you will loop along the perimeter. The highlight in this woods--dense hemlock groves, including some huge trees, lots of small ones, some agelid-killed.

There is a small brook that runs through the center of the property, offering some intact and picturesque crossings.

And when you get to the end, the trail opens onto a gorgeous meadow, with lovely weathered nesting boxes.
Regrettably, this appears to be private property (there's no signage but also no indication of public access on the official Ridge Hill map).

Wildlife, particularly deer, seems to be thriving. I ran across several huge burrows. What do you suppose lives here?
And spent some quiet moments trying not to scare off a white-tail doe.
She walked calmly away, carefully lifting and placing her feet through the brush and leaves.

There is a public meeting about the future of Ridge Hill Reservation on February 9th (7:15 at the library).

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