Saturday, July 2, 2011

El Paso Day 2.5: Crossroads Pond

American Avocets, Crossroads Pond, El Paso, TX
Crossroads Pond is a classic birder's spot. A small pond in a residential neighborhood surrounded on three sides by a chain link fence, with houses on the fourth side (ostensibly for whom the pond is maintained), it is an oasis for water birds, especially in the summer.

I was immediately greeted by a pair of black-necked stilts. These are normally birds known for their grace and elegance. But this pair went all willet on me, vocalizing and flying in wide circles around me the entire time I was there. And a little bit of dive-bombing, though never close enough to make me feel uncomfortable.
Black-necked Stilt, Crossroads Pond, El Paso, TX
Was this the object of their concern?

Black-necked stilt and American avocets, Crossroads Pond, El Paso, TX
I've grown to appreciate being attacked by birds. They should attack me. I (in general) represent a threat. And it's better than indifference. A tree swallow will look you right in the eyes as zooms toward your head.

Here's some video footage of the irritated stilts. You can still hear them in the background during the avocet shots.

 And what's not to love about avocets? (Though one of them came after me too, taking its turn after the stilts and the killdeer)
American Avocets, Crossroads Pond, El Paso, TX
American Avocet, Crossroads Pond, El Paso, TX
Roadrunner?  Not a chance.

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