Sunday, June 19, 2011

Powisset Farm Bobolinks

Skipper on Daisy, Powisset Farm, Dover, MA
I volunteered to do some grassland bird monitoring at Powisset Farm in Dover (I'm also doing it at the Charles River Peninsula), so there I was early this morning standing out in the middle of a hay field listening for birds.

Powisset's got bobolinks. Not huge numbers but enough to be visible as you walk through the property.
 And they are out in the hay fields breeding.
Most of the birds I saw this morning were carrying bugs in their mouths, a clear sign of young ones about.
And reinforcing the importance of grassland bird monitoring, I saw this distressed female bobolink circling around a hayfield that had just been mowed.
She was carrying a nice fat insect but didn't seem to be able to find any children to feed,
fluttering her wings constantly
and perching on the few long stems remaining.

[By the way, bobolinks are skilled decoy artists so I may have been duped, but I watched from far away and she was doing the same thing.]

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